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* Must be  a homeowner to qualify.
* Credit must be above 660, however, this does not guarantee loan approval.
* No pre-payment penalties. Pay it off whenever you want. There are no fees for paying off early.
* No liens are placed on your home. These loans are personal non-collateralized loans.
* ClaroCredit is not a lender. We are the connection between you and the chosen lender. All agreements and contracts are signed directly with the lender and not with us. ClaroCredit simply does a pre-qualification and we pass you along to the lender if and when you pass said pre-qualification. All final credit decisions are up to the lender and not up to us.
* Doing our pre-qualification does not affect your credit score.
* Minimum term length available is 7 years, while the longest term is 12 years.
*Example Loan: If $20,000 are wired to you, that will require a $4,000 Origination Fee (20%). With an interest rate of 10.99%, your payments would be $300.71 with an APR of 15%. If you do not pay it off early, the total of 144 payments (12 years) would equal $43,302.42, paying a total of $23,302.42 in interest and fees.
* All numbers shown here are estimates. The exact and final numbers will be in the agreement sent to you by the lender. Please read everything carefully before signing anything.